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Silver Cow is proud to serve La Bodega Original

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We, at Silver Cow, are excited to team up with La Bodega Original! Below is a list from our May 16la bodega logo black menu. This menu will change often and we will be introducing sandwiches and desserts, as well!
If La Bodega sounds familiar to you, it could be because they currently provide all the delicious food inside Bold City Brewery on Thursday, Friday and Saturdays evenings. We have personally been consistently impressed by a number of their amazing creations and we hope you will drop by Silver Cow and enjoy the pairing of La Bodega food with one or two of our available beers on tap!

Almond Pesto Spread (vegetarian) $7.45 – artichoke hearts, feta , almond  basil pesto served with baguette toast points

Spanish Sausage Hot Salad $7.45 – slightly spicy pork sausage, peppers and olives

Pico de Gallo $7.45 – served with Bodega chips

Mascarpone Onion Dip $7.45 – served hot with baguette toast points

Smoked Red Pepper Hummus $7.45 – tahini , cilantro, red peppers served with Pita chips

Spicy crab Dip $7.45 – imitation crab, sriracha ,mayo spiced to perfection served with baguette toast points

Bodega Smoked Pimiento Cheese Dip $7.45 – served with baguette toast points