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This weeks Newsletter giveaway!

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Sign up for our Newsletter, the Straight Bull, which will be going out later today!

We won’t give out your email addy and that’s all you have to enter at:

In our Newsletter, you will find ways to win complimentary pints of awesome craft beer, glasses of fine wine, deep-discounts on certain packaged beer, appetizers and more!

Last week, Tamatha C, Bernadette G and Matt won free Habanero Jack or Bacon Cheddar Grilled Cheese Sandwiches at Silver Cow!

THIS WEEK, the Straight Bull Giveaway is your choice of one of the following:

Gyro Pita

Slices of pressed beef and lamb, onions, tzatziki sauce served on warm pita bread


Goat Cheese & Basil Pesto Pita

Tangy goat cheese and basil pesto in a warm folded pita

Simply reply back to the Straight Bull email with the words “Pita Pasture”!

All respondents will be digitally put in a hat and drawn by an app. Two lucky respondents will be notified of their winning!


Help us get the word out about the Newsletter today!


As always, we sincerely appreciate your continuing patronage and support of what we are doing at Silver Cow!