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If you are an artist of any type, that bell you hear ringing at Silver Cow is calling you! And how fitting since Silver Cow was formerly a gallery and studio to artist, Jensen Hande.

We want to support our wonderful local art scene and those in our community who appreciate the effort and dedication of our local artists!

If you are interested in being a featured artist at Silver Cow, contact Regina at


Featuring new artist, Daminyck Francois – Thurs, April 14, 7pm

We’re very excited to announce our next artist, Daminyck Francois. We will be featuring her art on Floral+Painting+2Thursday, April 14. Come in and meet the artist starting at 7 pm.

Daminyck Francois has studied Industrial Design and taken art courses at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Her  current field as a freelance artist allows her to capture the faces of her community through portrait painting. She is interested in pop culture,concept design, and the style of her surroundings.


We’re very excited to announce our next artist, Miriam Crowe. We will be featuring her art on FullSizeRender (22)Thursday, February 18. Come in and meet the artist starting at 7 pm.
We will have Dawn with Spiritual Gifts providing Tarot readings.
Bio for Miriam Crowe
While earning a degree in Guidance and Counseling at Western Kentucky University, I discovered printmaking, and with it a new passion. After continuing my education, I spent years as a counselor and raised a family, dabbling in art the entire time. In 2014 I learned of a printmaking class being offered through the Art League of Jacksonville. I began the next week, and ever since then my passion for printmaking and the various techniques that it offers has been rising, and I have been producing work rapidly. I render peaceful but sometimes melancholy images, and I am inspired in my work by the Florida and Kentucky landscapes.


Art Opening feat. the works of Matthew PattersonIMG_1610

We, at Silver Cow, are excited to announce the Art Exhibit Opening of our new artist, Matthew Patterson!

TONIGHT, from 7-10pm, Matthew will be here for you to meet! Make plans to come by Silver Cow for a glimpse at this incredibly talented artist and his creations!

Matthew is a fascinating individual. He has lived all over America, from Honolulu to Brooklyn, and is currently based in Florida. Despite being interested in a range of artistic practices he often returns to drawing as the favored method to address issues of spirituality, the body, fringe belief structures, occultism, memory, self-control and obsession.

Matthew also serves as a Museum Educator at The Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens. As part of his role within the Education Department he contributes to educational and accessibility programs including Art Beyond Sight and the associated Women of Vision program for the visually impaired, the VSA Festival which invites over 2000 children with various disabilities to visit the Cummer in May of each year, as well as the Start with the Arts program designed to train teachers on the best strategies for incorporating the arts into their curriculum.

Mr. Patterson received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Painting and Drawing from the University of North Florida and is currently pursuing a graduate degree in Art Education from the University of Florida.

He has exhibited both nationally and internationally and believes that, as a friend told him; “good art should be a bible of the inner’.


Art Opening feat. the works by William McMahan – April 10

We, at Silver Cow, are honored and excited to announce our next featured artist will be William McMahan-Image1McMahan. His talent will be on display at Silver Cow for the month of April beginning Friday, April 10 from 7 – 10 pm.

William provides significant insight about his work:

“I find nothing to be more expressive or evocative than the figure. Humans, animals, or suggestions of either are what interest and engage me the most as a viewer and as an artist. I have studied figure drawing and anatomy for years, and I am fascinated by subtleties in form and gesture, and by how emotion may be manipulated through slight shifts in posture or expression.

My prints show highly textured figures existing in indeterminate, expansive spaces. The figures are often off-balance, contorted, and constrained, sometimes by their environments or each other, but more commonly by their own anatomy. Some of the figures are static and appear to be decaying and rotting, while others actively move about or grow new appendages.

I have been considering the figure itself as a landscape in my recent work, and the textures that I create within the figures are suggestive, but open to numerous interpretations regarding their origins and surface qualities.


We at Silver Cow are excited to announce that Josh Redman will be the next featured artist at Silver10959678_10102999697439163_7127343636033223386_n Cow!

Mr. Redman will begin his exhibit on Thursday (Feb 12) starting at 6pm. Please come by Silver Cow to see this incredibly talented artist and his impressive creations!

Here is some information about Mr. Redman:

Florida native and painter Josh Redman explores the often overlooked beauty of the mechanical systems we take for granted everyday. From our power grid to our cell phone technology, Redman finds a way to express a mix of the pride of human accomplishment with eery weather looming in the background, pointing to our possible pending doom if we do not use these systems responsibly.

For more information, please visit his website:



Art Opening for M.F. Deshonga & Ashley “Miss Phitts” – Friday, Jan 9

We at Silver Cow are excited to announce two new artists at Silver Cow starting tomorrow (Friday, Jan 9)!

The highly creative M.F. Deshonga (aka M.F.D. – Mutha Fudging) and Ashley “Miss Phitts” Carter will begin displaying their incredible talents for all to enjoy. Come spend some time at Silver Cow and you’re your support these amazing local artists.

Here is some more information about these two artists:
M.F.D. is a Jacksonville based lowbrow artist. Creating art as soon as he could first hold a crayon, he is primarily self taught. He strives for originality in his work, with an emphasis on the creative aspect. His artwork is an extension of his sense of humor and unique view of the world. Common themes in his work deal with subjects that have contradictory elements that would be considered absurd. These absurdist themes are meant to be playful and tongue-in-cheek, challenging the viewer to see humor where one normally would not. To view more of his work, visit his Facebook

Ashley “Miss Phitts” Carter is a Jacksonville native and has been creating alternative photography pieces for almost a decade. Her love of horror is the main inspiration of her work. Combining the beauty of the female form with creepy imagery, blood spatter and the macabre, she creates her art to both please the viewers and unsettle them at the same time. In addition to the Horror genre, she also shoots landscapes, nature and Boudoir. To view more of her work or to schedule an appointment for a shoot, please visit her Facebook page


Dylan Ross 2

“Déjà vu” is the latest art exhibition by Dylan Ross and will be debuted at Silver Cow this Friday, October 24th. That night, from 6-10p, Dylan will host the opening night of his exhibition and also donate several pieces of art to be auctioned or raffled off in benefiting Planet Swim, a local charity.

Dylan Ross is a 26 year old self-taught artist from Douglas, GA.

Dylan’s art has been shown internationally in Holland and Germany as well as NYC, Miami, and Atlanta and is collected by numerous renowned athletes and celebrities such as Dennis Rodman, Lennox Lewis, Jim Kelly and Patrick Schwarzenegger.

His latest exhibition focuses on iconic imagery and portraits recreated in his own style, using a multitude of mediums ranging from markers to paint. Come support a talented young artist, a great charity, and a wonderful local venue!

For more information please visit or
Dylan Ross Art


Free Art Show: Versification Friday at Silver Cow


Versification Friday at Silver Cow!

We at Silver Cow are excited to announce that there will be a FREE Art Show Friday, June 20 here at Silver Cow from 7 to 11 pm featuring the works by Rosaly Natera and Richard Smith with some extra added excitement!

There will be Original Art and Jewelry by Old Skool Junk!

There will be Vintage Clothing and Accessories by Poor Girl Vintage!

And there will be Poetry by The Goons of Canterbury!

There is currently a section of King
Where you can find most anything
Glasses of brew, plates full of food
And … *Hey, wait a minute, we ain’t poets!*
At least we know it
But come to Silver Cow for The Goons.

Rosaly Natera’s Bio:

Rosaly Natera was born and raised on the mean, sunny streets of Miami Beach, Florida. From birth, she was diagnosed with Hyperactive Creativity Disorder, which caused her brain to grow delirious with color and ideas. To cope with her illness, her mother filled her room with the tools of art and craft. Soon, Rosaly found herself turning the chaos within into tangible, visual, colorful, wonderful things that delighted her.

Today, Rosaly spreads her disease by creating decorative art and jewelry. She also spends an unhealthy amount of time rifling through piles of orphan clothing, rescuing only the Vintage-iest pieces and finding them a proper home where they’ll be loved.

Richard Smith’s Bio:

Richard Smith is both man and artist. Although Richard is a native New Yorker, he became an involuntary resident of Jacksonville, Florida at the delicate age of three.

To cope with the distress of his sudden displacement, Mr. Smith delved into an alternate reality driven by the forces of such contemporary folk heroes as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and American sweethearts G.I. Joe and the gang.

Soon, he began drawing his muses and even created characters of his own, turning them into comics and peddling them to his classmates. Trained in the fine art of water coloring, Richard earned his B.F.A. in Fine Arts from the University of North Florida.



We at Silver Cow are excited to announce an Art Exhibit you will all remember for a long time to come!

On May 16, the incredible creations of the highly talented Rebecca Campbell will be on display at Silver Cow and will be featured for 3 to 4 weeks. Please check back soon for her official “Opening Night” at Silver Cow where you can meet this amazing artist!

A little about Rebecca:

Creativity was written in Rebecca’s genes. Being the kin of many writers, musicians, and visual artists it is no surprise that she did flourish in the creative arts. Like every child she was drawn to color and shape, but her passion continued to shine through into her teens. Working with drawing and painting came naturally, and in college she discovered a new found love: ceramics.

Her art career came to a brief pause as she and her husband welcomed their first child into the world. Watercolor painting turned from a convenient medium for a busy new mother into a beloved passion. These paintings are a collection of those most recent works by Rebecca and her exploration in watercolor painting.






instagram: rebeccampbell


May 1 – 15, 2014 – We’re featuring the art by George Deacon and Morrison Pierce. DJ Dialectable Beats at 8 pm, $2 PBR’s, art that will knock yo’ socks off, Kung Fu and chorizo tacos to boot!


We at Silver Cow are excited to announce our next featured artist will be Sammy Thrashlife! … an amazingly accomplished and candid individual, we are honored to have Sammy’s work displayed here at Silver Cow.

His exhibit will run from April 16 – April 20. Meet Sammy on Friday, April 18.

Sammy Thrashlife’s Bio …

Following a two-year stint of treatment for borderline personality disorder and heroin addiction, Sam North re-entered the world in 2013, adopted the moniker “Sammy thrashLife,” and resolved to build a life on his new passion, discovered while institutionalized. “On Friday afternoons, they’d make us draw or paint. I hated it until, one day, it just kind of clicked and became my favorite thing in the world.” A graduate of the Law Center at Georgetown University in Washington, DC, Sammy has no formal arts training. “I like playing with colors and painting funny faces. Admittedly, it’s more than that, but I’m the first to admit I’ve got zero technical ability.” Bright colors, rotten smiles, and snarky captions in bold block-letters characterize Sammy’s work but a closer look reveals intensely honest, reflective, personal journals in small print. “I don’t shoot heroin anymore but I’m still an emotional basketcase. Paints and pens are the tools I use to balance myself out.”

On the heels of his incredibly successful first year as an artist, Sammy is spending 2014 traveling the country, meeting with galleries, sharing his story, and painting. After selling his Bachelor’s degree on eBay for thirteen dollars, he is now accepting offers on his Juris Doctor.

For regular updates on Sammy’s adventures and progress (as well as his latest artwork and the stories behind each piece), visit


We at Silver Cow are pleased to announce that local Jacksonville artist Margete Griffin will be on hand tomorrow (April 1) at Silver Cow for a very memorable evening for all our customers. Her impressive talent has been on display for two weeks at Silver Cow and we are excited that Margete has found time in her busy schedule for this special exhibit opening.

Margete Griffin has been working on some special screenprints now being shown in NE Florida. These are each original art pieces done in her true vintage style. Margete incorporates messages, found memorabilia, special contributors and new illustration in her work and the finished pieces are screen printed by hand… the old school way.

From her studio she has assembled a team at CoRK Arts District where they are printed. Fine art printer George Cornwell and fabric printer George Deacon are on board in the process of producing art prints with her for this series to be seen at the Silver Cow this month.

Margete’s experience in preparing art for screenprinting dates to the early 80’s when she owned a t-shirt screenprinting operation. Always moving forward, she is now putting out new work, old style and collaborative experimental pieces. There are always new ones to be seen, so if you think you’ve seen it before, look again…there are new ones that have never been seen.

In addition to the handmade screenprints, in this show there are several original paintings. Some are Sumi ink brushwork with a simple eastern influence, and some are very detailed and realistic acrylic on wood. Often Her paintings utilize found vintage frames and special wood that make them truly one of a kind. Sometimes the subjects are political, sometimes pure fun, but always relevant for today. One of her paintings is also now on view at the Cummer Museum in the exhibit, “Our Shared Past”.

Margete is experienced in many phases of art, from Graphic design to product development. She has worked for the Cummer Museum, independently for The Hamilton Collection, Panda International Screenprint and many others over the past several decades.

Old school with a modern edginess is her style, so come enjoy! The prints are available framed and unframed. Each one is a handmade original.

Margete Griffin’s work will be on display through April 15.


Silver Cow is pleased to announce that the artistic creations of the talented Jake Roth will be showing from Friday, February 21 – March 7, 2014.1619202_240427396129231_560546645_n

His published work, Jake Roth Pathways, is currently on display here at Silver Cow and you can purchase these prints for only $36.

About his work, Jake states, “What I want more than anything is for people to be able to enjoy my work. Some people see something they’ve experienced or some sort of connection to themselves, in the images. If that is true for you or if you just appreciate the composition, lighting, or how the subjects are juxtaposed; then I want you to have it. I am pricing my work to be affordable, for exactly that reason. My price is $36 for the 20×30’s you will see on the Silver Cow wall.

He adds, “Happiness is only real when shared.”

For more information visit,