Silver Cow

Why Silver Cow?

Silver Cow??? … where’d THAT come from? … why “Silver Cow”???

Any new endeavor needs a “name” – you know that – and it needs to be something memorable to others – but be germane to the spirit of the endeavor.

Waking up one morning after a night out on a Prowl the evening before in pursuit of subject matter for my craft beer blog, I sat up and said to myself, “Silver Cow”. Maybe it was that last Russian Imperial Stout or Double IPA I had before going home to bed – maybe it was “Divine Guidance” – or maybe it’s simply because I stay a little off-centered – I decided that would be the name of this establishment.

The motivation came from two things:
1) This area of Riverside was once known as “Silvertown”, an African-American community eventually annexed, in essence, by the Riverside development.

2) Most locals are well aware that Jacksonville was once known as “Cowford” – a name reportedly given the area by the British where the Kings Road constructed from St. Augustine to Georgia crossed the St. Johns River. Since cows were driven through this narrow water crossing, this name was commonly used until a plat, known as “Hart’s Map of Jacksonville” depicting the city’s first streets was published in June, 1822.

Thus, we believe “Silver Cow” is fitting both geographically and historically. It is also fitting in spirit as it is in keeping with our belief in inclusion – all walks of life, lifestyles and cultural backgrounds are welcome here.

We’re glad you made it here today – and your presence is sincerely appreciated by all of us involved with Silver Cow. We want you to be comfortable during your visit with us – so, even if you feel the urge to belt out a loud “Moo!!!” – go right ahead – you’ll probably hear us “Moo” right back at ya’.